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About Daily BodyCare Store

About Us

We are international franchise holder and distributor of almost all the body care products manufacturers. Our stock centers are located in countries such as USA, UK (Europe), Canada and India.


Setting up DailyBodyCare was first thought when we found that people with particular choice of brand don't know about all the products until they see a commercial on TV.

We saw an opportunity here and decided to launch

DailyBodyCare is like a junction where brand conscious people can search and buy variety of body care products at discounted prices.

The store is exclusively focused on body care products by world renowned cosmetics manufacturers.

Best way to find suitable product is to use search option on site. You would probably come across a product of your favorite brand that you did not know about earlier.

As said earlier we are international franchise holder, we know what products are in demand. Products can be in demand for two reasons, one; commercial advertising and marketing, two; product is really effective and producing good result. With that being said, customers at DailyBodyCare can know which product they should go for.

To all of you, from all of us at Daily Bodycare Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping !

Micheal R.
Manager - Daily Bodycare Store